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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

Originally Posted by Squaremaster316 View Post
Catwoman/Bane >>> Venom/Sandman

TDKR had a superior script and better characterizations of the regulars.

Anyone who's seen both films can HONESTLY say that TDKR is superior.
Both films have good points and both films have serious flaws. Bane was horrible IMO, but I found Sandman to be a compelling character. I'll agree with you on Venom, but Catwoman wasn't that interesting, at least not near as interesting as Michelle Pfeiffer's character.

I do give the edge to TDKR but not for the reasons you state. As far as a superior script, at least Spider-man 3 was intentionally corny in parts, I don't think Nolan wanted Bane to come off as some weird circus freak with a fast food drive through speaker for a voice.

Spider-man 3's problam was as I mentioned above, way too much going on that's not interconnected. TDKR had a solid plot line, but it's execution was sloppy. By far it was the worst of the Nolan trillogy, IMO.

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