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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

As I posted before, you have a short first Act (re) introduction to the characters, a looong Act 2 featuring a highly abbreviated adaptation of WWH, everybody hugs it out and then finish with an equally long Act 3 featuring either Thanos or, if hes done after A2, another cosmic level baddie. close to 3 hours for the whole thing.

An alternative - possibly insane - is to do A3 as a two-parter. Film them at the same time and release them 6 months apart. Make it a true MCU cross-over, with every team involved including GotG. In that case, you do Avengers 3: WWH and then Avengers 3: Megateamup!! No?

Oh and a Planet Hulk inspired Hulk movie would be very very cool.

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