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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

I'm shocked Gamestop is on this list...maybe they just have too many stores, got 4,400 plus currently. There's one in town, then about 18 minutes away in Morehead, then 30 minutes away in the other direction is another one. But the one in New Bern is small and hurts my spirit the few times I've been inside. So small.

Anyway, I have The Final Countdown blasting in my head, but with Casper Van Dien singing it. Dat CVD. Nah, I don't, but that be cool to see him butcher that song. am I right, Matt?

Top 8 store closings...

1. Best Buy. 200-250 closings. U.S Stores: 1,056.

2. Sears..I can't be bothered with them...or you, K-mart.

I can't be bothered at all, outside of Best Buy and Gamestop. Radio Shack keeps messing up my phone payment to Virgin Mobile, so to hell with them.

Game Stop closing 500-600, U.S stores 4,471.

I smell 8.1% unemployment later on in the yeeeeeeeear. if Amazon ever has troubles or Walmart...well...good day, then.


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