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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by BlueLightning View Post
A flash bang is capable of blinding an enemy momentarily, so I wouldn't say that wasn't worth the try. As we learn later, Bane is impervious to this. Batman deactivated the all the lights with the EMP, better than the smokescreen, and yet Bane managed to beat him.
The pellets he used weren't meant to be blinding. There's no way. And how can anyone be 'impervious' to being blinded?

They're just tools of theatricality. Meant to dazzle/surprise/confuse, and clearly Batman was in a position where none of those three things were possible. Yet he threw them anyway. Made no sense.

Further, a smoke bomb would have created more problems than just light visibility. Smoke is always moving, so it would help break up his shape. The sound of the bomb going off can rock the ears, helping to hide his movements and breathing. Smoke also irritates the eyes and throat. Batman already has lenses from the sonar machine that he could have easily repurposed as a protection device for such events, giving him the edge.


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