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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by Marv View Post
It doesn't make sense to make a direct sequel to X3 now. Specially when the events of Days of Future Past will change the events that transpired in the original trilogy. This movie represents the closest we'll get to an "X4" in that it reunites the cast of X3 in a supporting nature.

It's not even a question of "why?" would the studio want to make a sequel to X3 but rather "How?" could they do it now that the timeline where X3 existed has been altered by the events of Days of Future Past.
Are you even sure they are gonna alter the events of Last Stand? The event that the present X-Men wants to alter might have happened post X3, the time where the Sentinels started to pop-up. So if they managed to alter the future, it would be just post X3 and Jean Grey/Cyclops would still be dead and they could continue post X-3 with X4 after DOFP is released.

Originally Posted by Marv View Post
The franchise that starred Jackman, McKellen & Stewart is done. The only reason we get to see that expired ensemble once more is that its pivotal to the story Days of Future Past is trying to tell.

The studio isn't killing their new franchise by letting go of the old one. They're using the old one in this film to sell the new one. First Class didn't do well at the box office. Days of Future Past probably will and the third film down the line probably will too.
FOX considers the box-office power of the cast of the original trilogy. The reason why they brought back the original cast is to gain money. They saw how big the Avengers was and now they mixing the cast of the original cast and First Class. I see the logic of FOX trying to sell the First Class cast by teaming them up with the cast of the OT. If this movie ends very well at the box-office because of the returning cast of the original trilogy, FOX might just want to move with the original cast and stop making movies with the cast of First Class. Plus with movies set in the past, they would keep re-introducing characters. But with the present timeline, with the cast of original trilogy, they could do so much more.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
It would be awesome. Marvel Studios has the rights to TV shows for the X-Men, I think. I don't think Fox has the TV rights.
Yup thats why we got Wolverine and the X-Men.

But I don't see Marvel doing a live-action X-Men series even if they have the TV rights. It would be quite expensive and I don't think they would create one while FOX is still making X-Men movies.

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