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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

As Mark Millar has suggested, if Fox really wants to do a similar thing as Marvel with a shared universe, set in the same timeline and told chronologically, Fox will definetly need more movies set in present time, appart from Wolverine solo movies.

And when almost all the original cast actors are talking about returning to the franchise now that Singer is back, and showing all this interest, well..... its really ironic how some fans now "dont see it" lol

All the respect, ok?, its just that I found it really ironic

it we go to any site reporting x-men news or interviews, almost every user asks for the return of one or another actor. Many ask for James Marsden/Cyclops, others for Colossus, others for Nightcrawler, others for Jean, others for Kelsey/Beast, others even for Storm

again, Fox would be soooooooooo stupid to waste this hype.

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