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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
As Mark Millar has suggested, if Fox really wants to do a similar thing as Marvel with a shared universe, set in the same timeline and told chronologically, Fox will definetly need more movies set in present time, appart from Wolverine solo movies.
Agreed. The notion that this is a final hurrah for the original cast members and they'll be dropped after this makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. They have a bunch of actors all keen to return to the franchise again, they have an incredible online buzz since they announced the returnees from the original trilogy - people are really excited. This film will end with the sentinel timeline wiped out and some sort of new (although perhaps the post-Last Stand) timeline in place, all characters reintroduced... the stage is set for future films. Perfectly set, with DOFP acting as a reintroduction.

Why kill the renewal of a series with the original actors when it's on the plate?

As if Fox aren't rubbing their hands in glee at the possibility of First Class sequels and sequels set in the present time! Two franchises, one shared universe, double the profits.

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