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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
There is something about the darker colors they're using, blending in better with the more "organic" or alien look of the suit.

It may sound silly but the MOS suit with lighter shades somehow seems more artificial? As if like food dye was added. The MOS suit texture actually looks a bit like it would be some animal or reptile skin.
I agree that it looks more "organic" with the darker color, but I almost feel that when designing the suit, they were hesitant to show some color.

I realize and like the whole realistic aspect they are shooting for, but with the screenshot they showed and the magazine shoot, I have doubts as to how much color it will show when well lit.

So far I don't like how dark the yellow on the "S" is. If they would've used Gold instead of Yellow it would've been better IMO.

At least I know that the reflective chainmail material will allow for a dynamic look in the film which is great, as it's never been done before.

That said, this is just 4 steps to the Reeves color:
I hope that the color would at least match the top right of this pic:

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