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I just happen to like the song btw. Not actually trying to defend that sequence, lol.

My opinion was they just went overboard by having the dance montage AND the jazz club scene. It felt like the final 10 minutes of Act 2 were one big musical number. If they had just done one or the still probably would have rubbed fans the wrong way, but I think it might have been more forgivable. But those scenes so close together made it feel like the movie completely switched tones and entered the realm of farce. The fact that the time used for those scenes could have been used for the development of Marko or Brock makes it worse.

I would agree that the jazz club scene at least moved the plot forward, whereas the funk montage didn't accomplish much other than make one big joke out of Peter's newfound arrogance. I'll admit though, it's a scene I can still get a chuckle out of if I watch it on its own. Tobey just looks absolutely ridiculous with the emo flop and mascara

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