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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
You're still just reciting to me how Nolan wrote it. My response to that is always going to be: 'I don't find how Nolan wrote it to be a logical progression for this kind of character'.
But that's the point. Nolan had Batman quit and without being in the game, he became careless. It was a natural progression from TDK when he retired.

Well, it's the only reasonable suggestion of the moment's -defense- that's been provided. There's still the possibility that he was just being desperate and amateur. The movie doesn't specify between the two, and when you add into the equation that Nolan was portraying an arrogant, reckless Batman and Bane starts ridiculing him, it doesn't help Batman look much more clever.
The idea that Nolan made Bruce arrogant also kinda goes along with my suggestion as well of being off guard with Bane and trying to give him some time.

It doesn't necessarily mean that he's trying to regroup though.
I think it does and that's how I kept seeing it in that way ever since the first time I saw Batman vs Bane in the sewers.

I gotta say, I was hoping to see the Bat-shurikens appear again. Why did he even make them if he was only going to use them to cut out a few lights in one scene? :P
I would agree. The bat-shurikens or just simply batarangs were needed to be used again besides just seeing one tiny scene of them in the first film of the trilogy.

I just think it should have been a more effective smoke bomb he used.
Even that probably wouldn't matter to Bane, would it?

There was no substance to the pellets as a distraction in that circumstance, which should have been obvious to a seasoned Batman.
But it didn't look too obvious as a distraction either when Ra's showed it to Bruce, but it was something that the LoS could actually use.

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