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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

I think even a normal person not trained by the league would look at Batman with a WTF was that for look on their face after he threw that smoke pellet. My question is where the hell was the grapple gun or batarangs or other countless inventions that could have helped Batman take on a small ARMY other than waltzing in almost empty handed against machine gun wielding thugs? He could have easily been shot in the face. I felt like I was missing an entire movie between Knight and Rises because this Batman was just plain idiotic and don't tell me he had a death wish because I didn't see someone who wanted to die. **** just came from nowhere to advance the story and plot that I swore I didn't even recognize the characters on screen. What was it with Bruce acting all cocky with an injury and not studying Bane when he knew the league was back. No matter if he thought Bane was just a mercenary but it's the league nonetheless and he should have at least raised more of an eye brow and know they were formidable from past experiences. He was just totally out of character and Alfred started whining like a little ***** out of nowhere. I mean totally uncalled for it just pissed me off. He knew he couldn't stop Bruce so why not offer some way to help him like he always does. What happened to Neva!

In my view having a Bane who is impervious to pain take on a reckless injured out of the game batman wasn't interesting or impressive at all. Why didn't they spice up the obvious result by having Batman seemingly get Bane in trouble or at least figure out that his all out lethal effort (which should have taken down any normal man) wasn't doing a damn thing and change his tactics. I would have loved to see even a 10% smarter Batman who stood his ground and had a few tricks up his sleeve so that when he was defeated it would at least give us the impression that Bane really was a force to be reckoned with physically and mentally. Why not let Bane offer a little theatricality and deception by fooling Batman into thinking he was in pain and about to be beaten before he just unleashes on him. You know give him a little hope and toy with his head before terrorizing him with overwhelming odds. At no point in that fight did we even think for a second that Batman stood a chance. We all know he was supposed to lose but what happened to messing with our heads and going for something more or less obvious Mr. Nolan? Does anyone else realize that these fights contradict each other and are inconsistent? If Bane could punch through a pillar there is no way Batman could even take a punch from him to the face without sending him into a coma, breaking all his teeth or dismantling his jaw. With physicality having such a major role in the struggle between Batman and Bane it seemed like they didn't pay attention to things like these at all and just worried about grand scale execution which fell apart even worse.

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