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Default Re: Share your wildest dreams for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

My dreams are as follows

1. A Dr.Strange movie true to the Steve Ditko art. I want a truly unique experience and I want it to feel like we really have entered different dimensions.
2.An Immortal Iron Fist Film where we get to visit K'un l'un and get immersed in that mythology.Luke Cage would appear as well.
3.Fantastic Four going back to Marvel, just so I could finally get a satisfying interpretation of one of my favorite villains, Victor Von Doom.I want Latveria and everything else that makes the character great.
4. A live action Punisher tv series, starring Thomas Jane.It be close in tone to Garth Ennis run and be on HBO or Showtime.
5. A well made Daredevil film series, which would begin with Mr'Fear as the villain.

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