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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
He was initially betrayed by the Illuminati of Stark, Richards, Strange & Black Bolt when they tricked him into being sent off into space in the first place (Namor and Professor X didn't have any hand in that decision iirc).

Ironically, though they never intended to send him to Sakaar (he was meant to arrive on an uninhabited planet but something went wrong), if Miek had not allowed the ships damaged core to explode then the Hulk would have found happiness there.
So basically the heroes betrayal was a good thing. Again Miek was the only guy who truly betrayed him. The Marvel heroes weren't actually the bad guys in the story. Hulk had a vendetta based on false pretenses established by Miek. The heroes didn't blow up Skaar.

I don't think you can make World War Hulk work in movies like the story was in the comic. Same thing with Civil War.

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