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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
He didn't use the shurikens/batarangs in TDK either.

Batman Begins:
1.) Tumbler
2.) Batarangs/shurikens
3.) Grapple gun
4.) Scope
5.) Frequency sonar for the bats
6.) Mini-bombs(I guess that's what they would be called)

The Dark Knight:
1.) Tumbler
2.) Bat-pod
3.) Pneumatic mangler
4.) Explosive gel
5.) Grapple gun
6.) Bat-sonar

The Dark Knight Rises:
1.) Bat-pod
2.) The Bat
3.) EMT gun
4.) EMT device
5.) Flashbangs/stun pellets(whichever you prefer to call them)
6.) Batarang darts
One might consider the gauntlet-launched blades an upgrade to the shurikens. They even showed Bruce testing it out in a way very reflective of Begins, where he throws the shuriken and it sticks into the wall.

What is the 'Pneumatic mangler' again??

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