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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I think they will throw something at us with a modern team, they seem to really wanna expand on their universe. Not everyone can exist in the past, but yeah I really dont think it will be anything regarding a follow up to the old trilogy and doubt the FC crew will be left in the dust.

Exactly. Both casts are in place and its a follow up on both series.
The truth of the matter is that Singer, Hayter, Kinberg, Penn, Dougherty, Harris, Benioff, Woods, Hood & whoever else contributed to the writing for the first 4 films, wrote themselves into a wall.

Could an X4 have worked instead of Days of Future Past? Sure. But frankly the possibilities after Days of Future Past seem much better:

-Cyclops is alive and can finally lead the team

-Xavier & Magneto are in their 50s instead of their 70s (and IMO Fassbender's Magneto is much better than McKellen's)

-Mystique has a voice

-Jean Grey & Storm are younger & can be put to much better use

-Wolverine can still join the X-Men, same goes for Gambit.

-Sabertooth doesn't have to turn into a mindless thug

Bottom line: the roster & rogues gallery is much better with the timeline being rebooted in Days of Future Past.

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