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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by Marv View Post
Yeah, people are being thrown off by the involvement of the old cast in this. This is still very much a sequel to First Class. The second chapter of the McAvoy/Fassbender series. A follow up would most definitely be the third film in that series & not a sequel with the old cast in an alternate reality.

This is the closest we're getting to an X4 in that we get to see what happened to the cast of X3.
And this might also be the fourth chapter of the original series. The follow-up to this film could be another film with the original cast and not a sequel with the new cast introducing the younger version of Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey.

If we didn't predict that they would feature the cast of the original trilogy in the follow-up movie to First Class. Whats to say that the follow-up to DOFP will not feature the cast of the original cast again?

Originally Posted by Marv View Post
That's the idea though. Singer is pulling an Abrams Star Trek on the franchise.
Well, thats not yet confirmed.

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