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Default Re: Inhumans in development?

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
Fanboys use the word 'ruin' too readily. It didn't ruin the characters. It added a new layer to them. That's precisely what you want to do when you expand a universe and develop sequels.

I'm looking forward to this and Planet Hulk if it happens. I agree, it's too early to act like this is gospel yet but I'm keen.
"Ruin" fits a lot of what has happened on the comics side in recent years. Marvel's editors and writers plan universe-wide "events" without considering the long-term damage they can do to the characters. Take Civil War, for instance. That certainly added layers to Tony Stark, but they were layers of crud that weighed him down and nearly destroyed him. Quesada admitted that Stark was the most hated character at Marvel until the movies rehabilitated him in the fans' eyes. Adding to characters is all well and good, but if they add negative stuff it's not an improvement.

If Planet Hulk/WWH throws away carefully-crafted characterization by turning heroes into villains, it shouldn't happen. And I'm betting that it won't happen in the MCU.

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