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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

Sounds like Marvel plans to keep The Hulk busy for the next few years

Have we learned the role the Hulk will play in Phase Two and Phase Three?
Originally Posted by Moriarty
There is a very short list of reporters online who consistently and correctly scoop information that is supposed to be secret. I'm not talking about breaking a casting story because the studio sent you the press release ten minutes early, and I'm not talking about the shell game that gets played with information at the trades. I'm talking about genuinely revealing something that someone else does not want revealed at all. It is a skill set that very few outlets seem to value or cultivate.

Then you've got Latino Review and El Mayimbe, who evidently subsists entirely on a liquid diet of the tears from angry studio executives. Mayimbe cracks me up because of how alpha male he gets about scoops. When you're hunting down information on movies about dudes in spandex beating all hell out of other dudes in spandex, it seems to be a particularly funny time to get aggro about what it is you're doing. And that's what makes Mayimbe great.

It also helps that he's got a pretty ridiculous track record.

Sometimes you end up with a direct pipeline into someone's creative process, and it can drive them crazy. There was a run of about three or four years where I think JJ Abrams was half-convinced I had a "Being John Malkovich" style portal into his actual skull. Right now, Mayimbe is planted deep inside Marvel's naughty spots, and he is giving them fits. He's been teasing a new Marvel scoop for weeks, and tonight, he revealed the story. If it pans out the way he describes, then he may have just laid down the framework that the entire Marvel Phase Two and Phase Three films will be using.

Keep in mind, if this is all correct, then these are fairly sizable spoilers for several of the upcoming Marvel movies. If you're an avid reader of comic books, then many of the ideas here are already known to you, while the way they're being utilized in the movie universe might be somewhat surprising.

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