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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Not at all. If you remember he also made a crack about being secretary of state..... Just like in the comics if the president took him serious enough to offer the job I'm sure some time down the road even in the films he'd take it. Take into account Tony is a narcissistic genius (who at that point was working for the government) then of course he would think following the registration act would be the most logical choice to protect everyone, heroes and normal people alike. And with Cap being the patriot fighter he is of course he'd support heroes rights to privacy. So in actuality they had it correct.

And it's already been proven in history that the general people are willing to sacrifice other people's rights for their "increased protection" i.e. the Patriot Act which anyone can see Marvel drew upon as inspiration for their SRA. So I'm sure this is exactly how it would happen in real life. All it takes is one incident involving "heroes" that results in people (especially children) being killed to cause the general public to want these "heroes" to be controlled. And as I stated it would be similar to the SRA but maybe not the exact same
The Civil War was about reining in secret identities and unregulated vigilantism, which was obviously par for the course in comic books for half a century. NONE of the MCU heroes has a secret identity or practices vigilante justice (except Tony, who practices vigilante warfare on foreign soil). So it does not apply to the MCU. At all.


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