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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
If it is in fact VanCamp notice how she was not in any of the groups in the running before.

Yet again I believe those names get floated out there by agents and talent managers to build interest in their clients.
I'm sure it's standard business practice.
On that note, what surprises me is the utter lack of rumor or buzz surrounding people who eventually land these roles in Marvel films --- RDJ, the Chrises (all THREE of them now), Vancamp, Ruffalo, just to name a few....

....It looks like *their* agents would be pretty proud of them auditioning (not to mention landing) these major roles. I'm thinking Marvel actually puts the quietus to their agents when they get the part. In other words, anyone who's actually *rumored* to be in a role is almost 99% likely NOT to be Marvel's pick for any given role.


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