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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

I'd like to see the entire roster from the original cast back, unless they have good explanations of their absence. Storm getting a death off screen for the future would be lame, so I think Halle Berry needs to come back for at least a cameo. Ben Foster would be good but he's another pricey actor and can be written out pretty easily.

I think if they make a third movie, which they should, it should be in the 80's with a young Scott and Jean returning in the alternate timeline. You could showcase the first scene in the Last Stand, setting up a true Pheonix adaptation somewhere between X-4 to X-6. Right now, just focus on this trilogy and don't get ahead of yourself.

I think a good ending for the movie (or third movie) would be a seasoned Marsden, Famke, and Halle showing up with their kids, along with Xavier, foreshadowing that the timeline had been altered and they went on to live long, prosperous lives.

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