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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I do hope that aside from the big fights that Superman ends up having with Zod and Co. that we get to see him placed in a situation in the film that really involves a lot of tension and suspense when it comes to a moment where he's trying to save people from a disaster and that it's really executed well; heck, I think it was Hopefuldreamer who mentioned awhile back that if they could film a scene involving Superman saving a bunch of people from a train crash in a great way, using their POV's as they're being rescued that it can really end up being a powerful scene.
Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Well they did do a scene at a train station so who knows.

I really can't wait for this film
Yup, that's my dream.

It's a little worrying though, to want something so specific and have imagined it out in your head as much as I have. I really don't want to be dissapointed if there is nothing like that in the film, or if there is but it's just not that great

And yeah, I just wanna cryogenically freeze myself for 4 months Cannot wait much longer!

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