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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
Please put a dollop of salt in her cereal tomorrow morning for me. Thanks!
I'm thinking about it! I couldn't believe how much she flipped out. I was trying to explain to her how the movie is going to be based on Days of Future Past with the Sentinels, but once I mentioned Paquin returning as Rogue, she basically said F this movie.

Originally Posted by Duran Man View Post
Does your younger sister post on here?
It's funny that you mentioned that. Although I made an account in 2006, I was lurking since about '04. She was the one that told me about this website. She posted around the time the first X-men was coming out and stopped posting because so many other posters were giving her hell because she was freaking out over the black leather costumes.

Out of all the comic films, she likes most of them, but X-men is her favorite and was disappointed in just about all the films so far.

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