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Default Re: Share your wildest dreams for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I'd like things to go in one of two directions, myself, at least for the time being...

1. As we introduce more films/characters to the MCU, make movies that have little or no connection to Avengers. Obviously, they can mention something of have a brief cameo, but I really don't want a Daredevil (or even Doctor Strange) movie that has any direct ties to or leads into an Avengers ensemble film. The one character I think I would like to see lead into an Avengers role would be Luke Cage, although at first I would want him to basically tell Fury/Stark/whoever to take a hike because they come asking him to sign up for their team, although their team was nowhere to be found when Hulk and Abomination were smashing up Harlem.

2. This one assumes we get more characters back to Marvel. Do an Avengers "trilogy" with all of the tie-ins, and then let those characters rest for a while. Basically build a new Marvel universe with the primary focus being Fantastic Four. Other heroes, such as Black Panther and Namor can obviously tie into an FF world, as well as Inhumans and a properly done Doom. Build this as a series that leads into its own finale, the coming of Galactus, which brings all of the new MCU characters together. Somewhere along the way, there would be post credit scenes featuring Silver Surfer and Uatu.

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