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I don't really see what he's saying tbh, or why the age of the characters is the main hinderance.

I've not got a particularly positive outlook on JL. But that's not because I think the characters themselves don't work on the big screen... I think anyone suggesting them just lacks imagination about how they can be adapted.

I'm mostly just skeptical because it doesn't feel like this film is being made because the right writer/director came up with an amazing idea for doing it and the studio decided to take a chance because they believed in it.

It seems more like they have decided to make a movie based on Avengers success, and have just gone for the 'best' idea/script available at the moment and are just hoping they can force something great out of that so that they can 'keep up' with Marvel.

Now I'm not saying it's impossible that it could end up being great. But it's just not got the same promise as MOS does.

Yes, MOS may have come about partly because of the lawsuit. But it's not like they just went on a Superman script hunt and picked out the best one. Nolan came to THEM with the idea, and it was because a great idea came to Goyer naturally on a whim.

The elements in place for this film are just much stronger, and it's such a shame that they couldn't just build that into a franchise without trying to blend the two.

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