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Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
I get Millar's points, there are massive challenges facing a JL film, but if a film maker does it right, those problems don't come close to surfacing during the film.

Five years ago you could have said similar stuff about the problems an Avengers film would have. I can imagine Millar 5 years ago saying 'How can you have Robert Downey Jr's Stark, in this real world created by Iron Man 1, next to a god from Asgard talking in Shakespearian? Audiences just arn't going to buy it and its a great way to lose $200 million.'
Although there are challenges with respect to mixing mythologies (i.e., sci-fi and magic), I think Millar was talking more about making certain characters (and their powers) interesting on screen. A good portion of the Avengers membership are essentially “strong men.” And those abilities are very photogenic. But how long can green light “constructs” or “super speed” hold our attention? I suppose one solution is to make Superman and Batman the stars (with the most screentime) and delegate the others to supporting role status.

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