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Default For the continuity geeks: Howard/Tony Stark's age?

Legitimate sources (read: the internet) confirm that Tony Stark was 42 at the time of the Battle of NY. So lets say he was born in 1970.

Assuming Howard Stark was 25 during the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, that would mean he was born in 1917, which would make him 53 when Tony was born. Kind of an old pops, but not unreasonably so.

Howard Stark's archival video has Tony looking around 6-8, so lets put him at 7.

1917: Howard Stark born
1942: 25 y.o. Howard Stark depicted in CA:TFA
1970: Tony Stark born (Howard = 53 y.o.)
1977: 60 y.o. Howard Stark on film
2008: "I am Iron Man"
2012: 42 y.o. Tony Stark battles aliens with an assist from a few buddies

Plenty of folks bring up Howard Stark's age as a 'continuity error', but the timeline above looks about right to me. Also, do we know when Howard Stark died?

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