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Default Re: Grant Morrison's Action Comics

From CA Feb 6th 2013:
Grant Morrison: The 'Action Comics' Exit Interview
Originally Posted by Brian Compton
There is no denying Grant Morrison is one of the premiere voices in the comic book industry today. Whether he is crafting stories about interdimensional, alien gods enslaving humanity or just reinventing the Justice League for a new generation, it is clear the man is a visionary. Particularly with respect to Superman, of whom Morrison had been telling a distinct, independently consistent saga for a number of years throughout a plethora of titles like JLA, DC One Million and Superman Beyond, concluding with what's arguably the writer's most beloved superhero work, All-Star Superman. But Morrison returned to the Man of Steel in 2011, writing the reboot of Action Comics for DC Comics' New 52 line, with the stated intention of taking a different look at Superman's early years, taking specific inspiration from the "New Deal" era of America in which the character was originally created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel.

With his run of Action Comics coming to an end in March, we thought this was the best time to chat with Morrison about his latest work with the Man of Steel.

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