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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Saying Millar lacks imagination is pretty unfair. Considering his body of work, especially the most recent and including his take on Superman. It does seem odd that he's damming the project in such a way though. Then again, unlike Marvel WB execs aren't really good at translating 50plus year superheros consistently. I mean the GL film is precisely the issue Millar is speaking on and I'm sure if it were are Marvel(as flawed as they are) it would have been some sort of hit.

To say Millar is just a Fox/Marvel boy isn't fair either, he's spoken very very positively about all things MoS so far and recently.
But nothing about Green Latern was dated. It was just a crappy movie with bad dialogue, acting, etc. It looked and felt very modern and nothing was really problematic about the Green Latern powers.

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