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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

What if they did Planet Hulk and WWH in the same movie? As the Hulk sequel. Doesn't make sense from a business point of view since that is two movies worth of material. I think it could be the Hulk's TDK and TDKR. I don't know if you involve all of the Avengers if any at all. Maybe just a few key Avengers here and there. Not Cap, not Thor, not IM, since you want to save those guys (and the money they cost) on Avenger sequels. Hulk really isn't an Avenger member. We shouldn't keep looking at him as such. I would do a Planet Hulk movie so that Hulk can move away from the Avengers at the end of Avengers 2. WWH/Avengers 3 in one movie just doesn't work.

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