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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by Isearch4dope View Post
What happened to Neva!
That was the first thought that went through my mind during that scene.
Originally Posted by Isearch4dope View Post
Why not let Bane offer a little theatricality and deception by fooling Batman into thinking he was in pain and about to be beaten before he just unleashes on him. You know give him a little hope and toy with his head before terrorizing him with overwhelming odds. At no point in that fight did we even think for a second that Batman stood a chance. We all know he was supposed to lose but what happened to messing with our heads and going for something more or less obvious Mr. Nolan?
As Batman fans, we knew when the gate closed, Batman was going to lose. But to the average fan, I don't think they knew Batman was going to lose that fight. I think Nolan tried to do what you suggested by having Batman throw in a lot of punches and look like he had the upper hand before Bane took him out, but it didn't fool Batman fans.
Originally Posted by Isearch4dope View Post
Does anyone else realize that these fights contradict each other and are inconsistent? If Bane could punch through a pillar there is no way Batman could even take a punch from him to the face without sending him into a coma, breaking all his teeth or dismantling his jaw. With physicality having such a major role in the struggle between Batman and Bane it seemed like they didn't pay attention to things like these at all and just worried about grand scale execution which fell apart even worse.
This was my question in my original post. If Batman could kick through bricks, he could've kicked bane in the head, and Bane dies.

If Bane could punch through a pillar, he would've killed Batman with a couple head shots in the first fight.

All in all, it's just a movie. But like all movies, film makers will look back at their work and notice the same things we bring up.

Great post and points you brought up!

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