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Default Re: Inhumans in development?

I stick with my guns: any even vaguely faithful portrayal of the beginnings of Planet Hulk, or any of WWH, would ruin a whole lot of characters in the eyes of the audience. Its as simple as this: either the Hulk is portrayed prior to the banishment as a dangerous monster, in which case you throw away the gains he made in Avengers. Or else the people who banish him are villains for doing so. There really isn't any middle ground.

Yes, you *can* reconceive the story so that the Hulk gets banished for reasons that have nothing to do with heroes betraying him, or even on *anyone* deliberately banishing him ( as opposed to getting lost in space during an adventure ). At that point, however, you are deliberately and intentionally getting rid of a large, highly important chunk of the plot. And you can only do that with Planet Hulk. World War Hulk? No way to do that without somebody becoming the villain.

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