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Default Re: Will the Mandarin survive Iron Man 3?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Toss the Leader in the mix and that'd be awesome.
I didn't really consider him a villain, since he has yet to officially become "The Leader".

Oh, and OP...Vanko in IM2 technically was an off-screen death as well though I seriously doubt they'll bring Roarke back after all the smack he'd been saying.
I considered that before I listed him as "DEAD", but with Rourke's public denouncement of the film and Whiplash being clearly okay with triggering his suit's self-destruct sequence while still inside it...I think it's safe to say he's deader than a door nail.

HOWEVER, that's not to say that "Whiplash" couldn't return. Several different characters have donned the moniker of "Whiplash" and the signature energy whips throughout the years in the comics, so there's no reason why someone couldn't do the same in the MCU...

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