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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by ManInTheNarrows View Post
I hear ya dude. I remember when this line first came out a few years ago and it was strictly toys r us that was stocking them and then they stopped. Target got in wave 1 and wave 2 2012 and then clearenced them out and never got them again.

You may want to try your luck at Fry's Marketplace as at least in my area they stock the 1:50 series. Regular fry's sometimes gets in shippers as well which they had of series 1.
It took me 6 months to find the 1/50 The Bat, and that's after I brought one on ebay the week before! The 1/64 was equally as hard to find. I don't understand why Target stopped carrying those. Check on TRU and Kmart, they have carried these in the past too.

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