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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

Originally Posted by CrypticOne View Post
I feel like the Greyjoys will be a very important part of Dany's story. Euron and Victarion. So I'm glad they were introduced because I find them very interesting.

GRRM has introduced all these characters, but some of them have already died.

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Plus, with Jon dead, I'm not sure who else will tell the story of the Wall. Melisandre? Plus, I think something is happening in the Citadel with Sam there too.

I've never read any other novels by GRRM, but if he's introducing these characters, they must have some part to play.
I wouldn't be so sure that he is dead. Even if he is his story is far from over if rumors and theories are true.

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
I read a comment on /tv/ that
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After the Red Wedding, most of the likeable characters are dead and the boring ones start taking center stage?
Major spoilers if you want to know.

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Rob, his men, and Cat are killed at the wedding. Arya is outside the gates with Hound, but they escape. Cat at the end of ASOS is a reanimated corpse seeking revnge.
In books 4&5 Jaimie, Cersie, the Greyjoys, Dorns, and other side characters take the stage.

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