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Default Re: Share your wildest dreams for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hmmm...for starters..

-I don't need FF, X-men, and Spidey back at marvel but I want Marvel to be free to use them on occasion for bigger events. I think the third Avengers should be able to have Spidey on the team and the X-men and FF in some kind of supporting or cameo role.

-Black panther needs a movie. Seriously.

-I'd love if they can lock Downey Jr. into Iron Man at least until after a third Avengers.

-Thomas Jane returning for a Punisher tv show and a film in which he, Blade(Snipes) and Ghost Rider(Cage) team up! Hell, maybe we can throw in Dr. Strange or another character. I want a Defenders film but I don't think it has to be the exact same one as the comics.

-I want Civil War at some point, hopefully with most of the current actors still here and with characters/actors from Fox and Sony's marvel films as well.

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