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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
A3 will be set up in part by the A2 mid credits and all the various solo movies, including a Planet Hulk-inspired Hulk movie. Three hours will be plenty. Or do it as two movies.

And of course it could work. You have no idea what the actual plots characters will be involved at this point so its impossible to speculate on its feasibility. An MCU version of WWH will be totally reconfigured/recast/reimagined from the source material.

Oh and in the MCU, the Hulk/Banner is a full fledged Avenger. This isnt the comics.
"In the MCU, Hulk is a full-fledged Avenger:" this, I agree with. That goes against comic-book canon, but it's been an improvement so far. Fans clearly love Avenger Hulk *far* more than they love the typical Loner Hulk. It's breaking new ground for the character, but it's proven to be a highly successful approach. They like Avenger Hulk; In-Control Hulk; Hero Hulk; Team Player Hulk.

That's why WWH would be a mistake, because it undermines everything that Hulk has created within the framework of the Avengers. Division and mistrust and infighting were fun in the first movie, but they were caused specifically by Loki's magic. If you do that again, then it proves that the Avengers can't function as a team; and setting hero against hero is bad for business.


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