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Default Re: Batman: A Bird's Riddle

Batman meets Penguin:

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot (or as he was known by his ‘gang’ the Penguin) knew something was wrong. As he inched closer to his house, he noticed the door was left open. He drew his gun in anticipation.
“I know somebody is in there! I don’t wanna blow your brains out, I just cleaned the carpet!”
He kicked the door open. I was amused. He looked like a rat trapped in a corner. The flickering light bounced off his long, pointy nose.
“Do my eyes mistake me? Batman! How nice of you to join me!”
“Cobblepot, why did you run for mayor?”
“Right to the point, eh? Sure you don’t want some tea? Oh, and by the way, it’s Penguin to you.”
“There was a motive, why did you come all the way from the UK to run for mayor?”
“Well, I’d like to take control of Gotham’s underworld and organized crime, but your bloody laws are stopping me from accomplishing that. So, I thought I’d change things up around this bloody town.”
“You know the law Penguin, absolutely no mobs or organized crime!”
“This city is being overrun by freaks, criminals who are unlike anything you’re realistically prepared to stop. If you get rid of organized crime, all you’ve got left is unorganized crime, and it’ll tear this city to pieces. You need someone to get a handle on it, someone who will keep the worst of the worst off the streets and give you information to take down the freaks when they come ’round. And that someone is me, Batman. Or, you can oppose me, and I’ll tear the bloody doors off Arkham, and I’ll tear the doors of the prisons, and I’ll let those freaks flood this city with the blood of their victims. And then we’ll see who’s the last man standing in this town.”
“I don’t bargain with criminals.”
“Suit yourself, Batman.”

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