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Default Re: Iron man and Hulk

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
That is easily explained. Banner went off the grid after The Avengers. Feige stated that Tony dropped Bruce at the Port Authority and he headed right out of town. Since Bruce likes to go to really remote places, usually outside the US, we can assume that he is going to be somewhere on another continent when Tony is attacked.

Say Bruce is in Asia or South America again. Returning to the US, presumably without a passport or much money, would take quite a while. Hulk doesn't fly, he leaps, and he can't be expected to care where Banner wants to go or even to be able to aim himself at the right place. It's not like he has some sort of internal GPS guiding him. On top of that, the trailer made it look as if Tony himself has to go off-grid as the result of Mandarin's attack. If that's the case, Banner/Hulk wouldn't have any idea where he was anyway. Another factor is time. The events of IM3 could very well take place quickly, over the space of a couple of days, which wouldn't give Banner time to get to Tony. There would be no way for Hulk to help if he couldn't reach Tony and didn't know where the billionaire was even if he could get there.

Well when you put it that way, it does make a lot of sense.

I do hope that before Mark's time with the role is over that we get to see the Hulk and Banner character find some closure to his self-imposed exile. I mean didn't he and Betty at least attempt towards having a relationship after he was the Hulk, to the point where they got married and such.

I'd like to see him go back and attempt to live on life to the best of his abilities with someone as opposed to always being on the run because at some point, just like how the presentation of the Hulk being a neutral and reactive chaos factor got tiring for some people, they had to shift him towards being more of a force for good consistently in the films, hence the presentation and portrayal that we got in "The Avengers", so I hope that Banner is allowed to find a new status quo in life as well.

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