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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Oh, I agree. To be clear, I think there a lot of moments that screamed Batman in the Nolan movies overall. But I always got the sense that the overall the approach was to have these moments kind of creep up on you rather than hit you head on...if that makes any sense. Particularly in Begins. One example is the gliding shot in Arkham. Still frame it and it's a beautiful iconic Batman image, but in the film it's blink and you miss it. That's sort of what I mean. But I would say the moment where Bruce Wayne gets swarmed by the bats in the cave is Nolan's equivalent of the Keaton/signal moment. Both are simple, chill inducing scenes of Bruce Wayne just standing stoically, filled with purpose.

And yeah, I think the key for a writer or director to unlock their take on Batman is answering the question of "who is Bruce Wayne?" A lot of the tone, aesthetics and overall style can flow out of that. And certainly the casting too.

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