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Default Re: Will the Mandarin survive Iron Man 3?

Regarding Iron Man's defeat of the Mandarin, I wonder will it be a short scuffle or a lengthy brawl.

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We know Mandarin's rings just control extremis tech, so how will Mandarin put up a fight once IM finds a way to stop him from controlling his armors? I say that because Mandarin doesn't have any powers or armor to defend himself against IM once that advantage is taken away.

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
I hope they don't kill him off. Kingsley has shown an affinity for these types of movies in the past, so I think there is a good chance he would reprise his roll in an Avengers film, if he isn't killed off. Can you immagine a masters of evil group that had Madarin, Loki and Red Skull?
Dude that would be too amazing for my eyes, I am literally praying that this happens during Avengers 2 or 3.

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