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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Darthphere View Post
Embarrassing loss for the USA.
I was actually going to stay up and watch it, but I couldn't find a decent stream anywhere, pretty glad I didn't now. How was the performance? Looked like they got outplayed most of the match, defence ripped to shreds quite a few times.

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
Decent performance from England tonight although I do think Brazil are over-hyped and living off past glories. I hope we continue to utilize a flexible 4-3-3 style system.
I actually thought it was the best England team we've put out in a while. No useless make-weights like Milner/Barry (not trying to be biased against City I'll point out) but actual quality; Cleverely/Wilshere/Gerrard seemed to work really well. Maybe swap out Welbeck for Oxlaide-Chamberlain.

Originally Posted by kit1982 View Post
Am I mental to think Gerrards playing aswell now as he ever has done? He seems alot more disciplined and composed, I know everyone loves the lung bursting runs but at times it was abit headless chicken. I Love watching the bloke play at the moment.
I think it's the fact that he can sit back and let other younger players do the running, whilst he can dictate the play with his passing, which has always been superb.

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