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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

Originally Posted by Double B View Post
This film will end with the sentinel timeline wiped out and some sort of new (although perhaps the post-Last Stand) timeline in place, all characters reintroduced... the stage is set for future films. Perfectly set, with DOFP acting as a reintroduction.
I find strange the idea that the characters are to be introduced by a movie which, by its end, wipes out the timeline they're in. You'd be effectively wiping out the characters themselves - you can make a movie about the characters in a different timeline, but they will not be the same characters you've shown in DoFP and whatever happened to them in this movie won't matter. There'd be no connection or progression whatsoever.

It's like as if they made the last Star Trek reboot a movie in which all the characters die at the end, and then in the last shot we see their alternate versions and the movie goes, well never mind all that you've just seen, here are the real adventures of Kirk and Spock and the rest.

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