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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

It is clearly the most logical , choreography wise. It doesn't have the gravitas of the first scene , but i like it very much especially considering its so different from the previous encounter. Even stylistic its composed in such a different way.

You can definitely see the punch connected to some level. Its not the clean movement we usually see of the head following the punch. Its much quicker. With that mask on , the weight of it , the stunt guy must have felt that really hard.

Its a short but very sweet fight scene. I would have also to see a little bit more of it , even the crowd scenes (although with the quality of the extras we probably would have seen a lot more strange things . Nolan needs to say a thing to his AD to control these guys !). And if it wasnt shoot in such a difficult environment , some pov shots in there would have look wonderful.

Nolan got a lot of critics with his fight scenes (some were maybe a little harsh considering the standard of it in american productions , but in a more general views they were weak). So its cool he made 2 one-on-one fight scenes , and both of them are quite good. They dont have a lot of elaboration in terms of choreography , but they are very well shot.

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