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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - letdown or not?

I dont think it's his intention to kill him but i wouldnt mind in that one case because it's an all out war and Batman might have a new attitude this time. It's kill or be killed when it's a war. It's either that or million of people die. Even though Batman still didn't go around shooting everyone or trying to kill Bane..if it came down to it..this is the one instant where he would have to break his one rule.

There's just no time for games. And it's why he didn't give Catwoman **** when she killed Bane. He's not gonna go on a rampage, but the rules have changed at the end of the movie.

Can you really expect to have a war with just fists when ur aware that the opposite side have tanks and guns? And the police that Batman is leading will also be trying to kill the other side? I think Batman sort of changes his rulebook towards the end.

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