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Default Re: How about costume design?

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
Fox should do something they have yet to do with the FF costumes - base them upon the original Kirby designs from Issue #3 - loose fitting, high collars, blue and black jump suits.
Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
... and please make the "4" look like it does in the comics, too ...
I really have no desire to see a 1960's style on a group of people that are living in the 21st Century, doing things that are leading us into the 22nd Century. Just doesn't register as something I really think the average moviegoer, for the most part probably people that have never read an F4 comic would really enjoy seeing. There are other ways to give homage to the early comics...POSSIBLY, a version of that uniform when they are in the space ship, going to some far off galaxy, but once their, in fighting mode, etc....that comes off and what we have seen is under it.

As far as the #4, sure ok, but in 2004, I wouldn't have known whether it was this 4 or that 4, it was the #4. So sure, give the Kirby look????? ok.


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