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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
Does anyone else think that not having a superbowl spot for Man of Steel was a mistake? I know there wasn't one for TDKR but that movie practically marketed itself. They can't assume the same here since it's a different character. Relying on Chris Nolan's fame is not going to cut it if they really want this film to do well. It has to get its name out there. I know plenty of people who didn't even know this movie was coming out this year. I'm getting worried that WB is going to have these big visions of box office smashing and it'll be dismal because nobody aside from a few fans were anticipating the movie therefore didn't make much of an effort to go see it. I know Snyder and crew will knock it out of the park but if people don't get their butts in the seats it'll mean nothing.
Was it a mistake.Yes.Has it completely destroyed MOS marketing chances?Not even close.

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