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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

I still disagree, he may have thought that that is what he was aiming for. But it's not what it primarily did.
It sounds like you are saying that, with both Trilogies, Lucas set out to make movies that appealed primarily for young people, but that the first Trilogy happened to have a much broader appeal. Doesn't change the fact that both trilogies were aimed/marketed to young people and families.

Also, you somewhat implying that the Prequels are maybe closer to his initial vision?

Everyone went and saw it, adults, old people everything, and most loved it. The thing is is that it brought the kid out of everyone, but it still told a mature enough of story/character development that everyone connected and enjoyed.
Wait, you are reporting on what you've read, right? You didn't even see the OT in the theaters until 1997?

And at first he made films as films, not as merchandising commercials.
Again, were you alive to experience this? Star Wars was pretty much a commercial enterprise from the get go. It was hyped as much as a movie could be in 1977 and quickly tied into a glut of merchandise that followed. Again, Lucas with Star Wars basically invented modern day movie merchandising/promotion/hype. Studios didn't have the foresight to do this, Lucas did. Believe me, in the late 70's early 80's all things Star Wars were primarily aimed at kids. Ironically, it's only now that you see things like adult sized Star Wars footie pajamas, etc.

I mean from charred skeletons, to grotesque monsters eating flesh, ect. They were not made...just for kids.
I hear you, but these were all in the Prequels as well. These are familiar /well used imagery found in scores Disney cartoons and fairy tales all aimed primarily at kids.

But yes the Buck Rogers thing ect was inspiration. But he made something that was adventurous for all, adults could like as well as kids.
So no adults like The Prequels?

The problem with the PT it aimed too much for kids, and ages way younger then he should have.
You should give specific examples that illustrate how the Prequels are vastly different in tone/age level than the Original Trilogy. I just don't see it. Not with oodles of "kids stuff" like Ewoks, squeaking robots, talking puppets, and burping frog monsters.

There are MANY valid critiques to be leveled at The Prequels, but I don't think that the age level was VASTLY different from what came before.

The OT had so much depth from Campbell's philosophy to so much more. Which as people got older or adults could sink their teeth into.
Campbell is all over The Prequels as well. Willing to provide examples if you want. Have you ever seen History Channel's Star Wars: Legacy Revealed?

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