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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Is this thing still on?

Plain and simple this movie failed in a way that the Star Wars Prequels failed... And really on its own maybe it could have been perceived MUCH better... despite the Deadbeat Dad storyline... The obliteration of the existance of the 2 existing sequels that this was supposed to replace (I Liked Superman III MUCH better... I know... stone me...) There was too much agenda.

Sure it was a fanboy wet dream to get to "re-remake" and Iconic Superhero movie... the very movie that MADE superhero movies plausible and marketable... But don't let that go to your head. To do so is to find yourself constantly tailoring an existing masterpiece to your own personal taste which can't satisfy everybody. Clearly this movie wasn't made to satisfy fans... The word is out... Box Office and Home Box Office... the best way to get rid of copies of this movie was to piggy back it in an irresistable Christopher Reeve 14 Disc - Ultimate Superman Collection... simple case in point.

I waited and waited anticipated the say this movie would hit the big screen. My wife and I went to see it. Up to the day I bragged up and down that Superman was back... Forgave the little ticks of the costume... The little licences... Using Brando's re-animated cranium... The night we walked out of the theater... I apologized for taking my wife to a movie I waited 2 years to see and she was glad to have gone with me. I think my apology was for all the future undoing of this movie I would ever do in sheer disappointment.

In summary... Have you ever been to a tribute show of one of your favorite artists? That's how I felt when I left the theater... Even LESS so... I felt like I had been told I was going to see Elvis LIVE and when I got there it was a near perfect doppleganger with a set list too short and a band too small. Tickets should have been on DEEP discount.

Just sayin...

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