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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Yes one parent said he did not like it. There is a reason most of these films are taught in film school, and by many film scholars regarded so high. To me again you are doing what lots of PT defenders do. Rip on the OT because you don't point out any merit in the PT instead to make a solid point.
Wow. Kind of getting personal? I think I have made solid points. I love the OT and have told you that. I am simply trying to look at both trilogies objectively and don't really have a horse in the PT VS OT race. Again, any "negative" thing I say about the OT is in the interest in of being objective. Please don't take it as an attack on your position or those films. You don't have to convince me of their merits/significance/or how many college professors use them in their classes. I know.

Was the OT's acting the best? Compared to what? Like The Godfather? No it was not. However it was still great acting that did it's job, make you emotionally care about the characters and feel the soul of the film itself. The PT did not do that.
Listen, all I am saying is that, if you look at both Trilogies objectively, there is not a huge difference in acting quality/skills. If you prefer Mark Hamill's acting to Ewan Mcgregor's, that's fine. But there are examples of good and clunky acting in both. It's like Harrison said, "You can type this ****, but you cannot say it."

It had no emotion it had no character evolution (minus story evolution) it was just there. I will bet you 100 dollars here and now in 20 years the PT will not be seen like the OT.
Again, I am not fighting you here. Emotions and character evolution are subjective to the audience. As characters, the fact is that Anakin evolves as Luke does. You may not like how it's shown, but the character does evolve.

In 20 years the Prequels and OT will be even more lumped together and referred to both as "the old" Star Wars.

Remember....the original Star Wars was nominated for Best Picture, that is saying something. The film was at the time regarded very highly by the film world too. To say not is just not true at all. You are acting as if people did not like Star Wars at first, then grew on it except kids. Not true at all. It became the phenomena it was for a reason. In terms of ticket sales....the PT never touched any of the OT sales. There is reason behind that too. Star Wars became what it was because of high quality film. And still stands up today by most people because of that. The PT clearly has not stood up because a massive amount of people think either meh, it was okay, to poor. While the OT is always seen in much higher regards.
I am happy that you are so passionate about Star Wars, and the Original Trilogy. I am too. I will defend Star Wars to my last breath and can challenge anyone to why Empire is a better sequel than Godfather II , if needed.

The fact is NO MOVIES have touched what Star Wars (1977) did. None of it's sequels/prequels. Not Avatar, LOTR, Dark Knight, Titanic, E.T. etc. You don't need to tell me of it's impact/success. I know. That does not negate that it was made primarily for a young audience. Nor did it negate the the Prequels (although not as beloved) were MASSIVELY successful in their own right. Modern day blockbusters.

Honestly, though, you seem to be getting upset at some of my positions as you are on the defensive about my posts addressed to others.

You seem to be taking it like I am trying to "tear down" the OT to hold up the PT. I am not. I am just taking an objective look at both, and more on point, why there is such a divide amongst the fan base. Again, there are no "sides" that I am on. You don't have to convince me of the awesomeness of the Original Trilogy. However, being the age that you are, you have experienced/live thru the saga differently than me.

You were born, and the OT was over. So any experience you have about 1977-1985 you have heard or read about. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't negate ANY of your positions, but I would hope that you would be a bit open minded about this old school Star Wars fans take on the new school of Star Wars. That's what the OP asked for, and that's what I am giving. My opinion is not an attack/affront on anything. Please don't take it that way, because I am not trying to speak for you.

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